Easy Paper Plate Tire Swing Craft

Here’s a super simple, inexpensive fun craft to do with children after following the imaginary adventures of the young, energetic character in HIGH IN THE SKY by Kathleen Gauer.  Ask for this title at your local library or order your own signed copy from SkippingStonePress.net.

What You Need:

  • paper plate (flexible, inexpensive variety with ripple edge)
  • black tempera paint
  • paint brush
  • sky blue cardstock paper
  • scissors
  • pencil crayons
  • hole punch
  • ball of twine
  • short twig
  • school glue
  • decorations (stickers, googly eyes, sequins, spots, etc.)


  1. Start by painting the rippled edge of your paper plate black, leaving the inside circle bare.  Let dry completely.
  2. While drying, cut out a circle from the blue cardstock paper with dimensions to fit the inside circle of your paper plate.
  3. Have children draw an imaginary picture of themselves on the blue cardstock circle (blasting into space in a rocket ship, surfing a rolling wave, etc.).
  4. When your paper plate is dry, punch a small hole on the inside rim of the tire.  Cut a length of twine approximately 16″.  Thread one end of the twine through the hole and tie a knot at the top of the tire.  Tie the other end of the twine to the twig.
  5. Glue the child’s drawing into the centre of your paper plate.
  6. Jazz up the tire swing with stickers, googly eyes, sequins, spots, etc.
  7. Hang from a hook or shelf with pride!

Note:  If a 3D effect is desired, both sides of your paper plate can be completed as above.

Here are the instructions to download.  Have fun!

You can download a copy of the instructions here > EASY PAPER PLATE TIRE SWING

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