So pleased to announce that my children’s picture book The Wish Carvers has won a Canada Book Award!

Here’s what the Canada Book Awards’ administration wrote in their email:

Congratulations! Your book, The Wish Carvers, has been chosen as a Canada Book Award-winner! The Canada Book Awards enjoyed assessing your book. Your dedication, passion and creative achievement is appreciated.

The beautiful watercolour illustrations by Toronto artist Sari Richter combined with the professional production and print work by Trimatrix Management Consulting, Inc. contributed greatly to the success of my book.

When two sibling elves, Fay and Eddie, come across an old carving knife with the words what’s carved with me will come to be on the handle, they decide to carve and paint a pot of gold, a large stone cottage and finally a fairytale castle. But with each wish granted comes more and more complications.

Can they find a way to return to their peaceful life? Find out in this charmingly illustrated whimsical tale that will delight young and old alike!

The Wish Carvers is available from my website at, select bookstores, or Amazon worldwide.  This magical tale can also be borrowed from libraries across Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


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