People Love High in the Sky!

Here is a snapshot of what people are saying about High in the Sky

Rhonda Campbell, Youth Services Coordinator for Leduc Public Library, Alberta commented, “HIGH IN THE SKY is a lovely illustrated book with a great message to help channel the imaginations.

Angela Meady, Head of Children’s & Youth Services, Thunder Bay Public Library, Ontario wrote, “Books to help children deal with stress are important and I like the positive approach HIGH IN THE SKY takes.

Scott Jones, CEO/Librarian, Laurentian Hills Public Library, Deep River, Ontario wrote, “Your book sounds great!  I am always interested in finding new independent Canadian authors.”

Leslie Vye, Region Coordinator, Lambton County Library, Ontario commented, “I enjoyed the exposure to your book… I loved HIGH IN THE SKY and its concept!”

Janet Polder, a grandmother from Oceanside, California wrote, “Thanks for being creative and writing a beautiful book to share with children.  My husband and I made a swing for our granddaughters, 6 and 2-1/2 years,  for Christmas this year and we found a recommendation for your book on a DIY swing blog.  Serendipity!…The six-year-old has an active imagination and will love reading HIGH IN THE SKY to her sister.”

Al and Helen Kall, grandparents from Brampton, Ontario commented, HIGH IN THE SKY is our granddaughter’s favourite book to read at night!”


Goodreads reader, Sara Reber, wrote, “HIGH IN THE SKY is a really cute book.  I read it with my 2-year-old niece and she kept asking me to read it again.  The story reminded me of the stories my grandparents used to tell, how on the lazy days they would go outside in the tire swings and dream.  The pictures are gorgeous.  I also liked that at the end of the book there were some parent/educator ideas.  I would highly recommend this book!”

Megan Reid, Acting CEO for Tyendinaga Township Library, Ontario replied, “Thank you for your book.  HIGH IN THE SKY is a great new read for our collection!  I am looking forward to showcasing your book.”

Kaylea Prime, Customer Services Librarian – Children & Youth Services – for Vancouver Island Regional Library wrote, “I took a look at your review copy of HIGH IN THE SKY and it looks like a lovely story so I have ordered a few copies for our library.”

Diane Lansdell, South Area Coordinator for Kawartha Lakes Public Library commented, “We will purchase two copies of High in the Sky through our Library Services Centre.  It looks like an excellent addition to our collection!”

Ermina Hasanagic, a Toronto school bus driver, purchased a copy of HIGH IN THE SKY for her 8-year-old daughter and emailed, “I checked out your book together with my daughter and absolutely loved it!…Great work and congratulations!”

Ana Oliveira, Manager, Marketing and Partnerships, ABC Life Literacy Canada wrote, “Thank you for sharing your book, High in the Sky.  Congratulations on the success you’ve had with the book across Canada and worldwide – it’s a lovely story!


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