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My Goodreads book giveaway from July 6 to September 6, 2017, proved to be a great success with 1,472 Goodread readers entering to win a free signed copy of  my book, For No Reason.  Thanks to all who liked and shared on Skipping Stone Press on Facebook!  And thanks to the winners who shared their thoughts after reading For No Reason.  Here are some of their comments:

Linda rated it 5 stars and wrote:

Thank you Kathleen Gauer for gifting this lovely book. It has many qualities that I appreciate in a child’s story. I really love the simplicity of the text, and how easy it is to read. I also really like the repetitiveness of the statement “for no reason.” Kids love that. Brad Lugsley is such a great name for the bully, love that. The story is simple enough for very young children and complex enough for older kids with lots of opportunity to expand and discuss. I really like this book and will gladly add it to the day home library.

Laine rated it 4 stars and said:  another excellent anti-bully story!

Sandra rated it 4 stars and commented:

Jamie is having problems with the new kid in her class, who is picking on her, for no reason. Jamie looks for her teacher’s help, talks to her mom, and tries hard to understand why Brad Lugsley won’t stop being mean to her, and on top of all, for no reason. But things suddenly change when Jamie decides to smile at Brad, for no reason. Jamie has now a new friend.

This story approaches bullying from a different perspective. What Brad is doing is certainly wrong, and Jamie didn’t do anything to provoke him, but she can do something to help improve the situation. She is proactive in solving the problem, and she not only solves her problem but also Brad’s, who seems to struggle to fit in the new school.

Bob rated it 5 stars.

And even though this Goodreads Giveaway contest has expired, you can still order your own signed copy of For No Reason from my website, Skipping Stone, or check for this title at your local library.  I hope you and your little ones will enjoy reading…For No Reason!

This article has been updated on January 16, 2018

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