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Read what Mom Blogger Anna Anderson from Abrazo and Coze says about FOR NO REASON:

Kathleen Gauer, the author of For No Reason, has written a tale of a girl who is being picked on by the new boy in class.

Jamie can’t figure out why she’s the target of this new bully. He’s picking on her for no reason.

As she is picked on, she turns to her teacher and then her mother for help, but ultimately she solves the problem herself.

For No Reason is easy to read, with repetitive aspects that kids seem to enjoy.

The storyline leaves plenty of opportunities to expand and discuss the situation, which allows parents and teachers to delve further into the actions to take if children find themselves in a similar situation.

In the end, Jamie uses humour to turn the tables on her bully. She ends up not only solving the issue of being bullied but also solves the bully’s challenge of fitting in at his new school.

The response of the adults, however, was less than helpful. That said, real children are unfortunately more likely to relate to these less than ideal circumstances, as it often happens that way in real life.

Additionally, the story demonstrates that children have the power to make a positive change despite ineffective adult intervention. By using creative problem solving, they are more able to find a positive outcome.

For real children who are being bullied, For No Reason can be a useful story for opening up a dialogue with their parent or teacher, so instead of having to come up with a solution on their own, they can brainstorm with their trusted adult to figure out a good way forward.

Final Thoughts

For No Reason is a worthwhile addition to a home or school library. The watercolour illustrations by Sari Richter reveal the frustration Jamie is experiencing as she deals with her bully.

The characters are diverse and the posters on the school walls are inclusive (and ironically many depict anti-bullying sentiments).

If you’re looking for a book to help you broach the topic of bullying, For No Reason is a good jumping off point for those discussions.

You can connect with the author on her website at or on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can buy the book directly from the author’s website, or on Amazon.

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